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Our Main Mission...

is to support Root Causes that benefit you, now and into the future...

Build Better Cultures

Life starts with communication!  That communication comes from culture.  Do you believe that the culture you live in can be better?  Working on root causes can help make that happen.  

Peace and Prosperity

Peace and prosperity is what most human beings want and have wanted throughout the thousands of years that we have been around.  It is a root cause that can be achieved.  How do we know?  Because it has been done before!

Integrity, Principles and Standards

People have the same basic value system in nearly all cultures, but the main flaw is that integrity, principles and standards are poorly communicated.

Survival and Sustainability

We have caused the extinction of more plant and animal in the last few years than the entire time that human beings have been around.  For some time we have already been able to cause or own extinction.  More of us need to wise up faster that survival and sustainability is a root cause for everyone.

Health and Wellness

Personal health and wellness is the highest priority for every normal human being.  It is another root cause that needs everyone’s support on a continuing, lasting basis.

Awareness, Mindfulness and Action

The first step in supporting a root cause is awareness. Then turn that awareness into practical mindfulness which is the foundation for effective action. KANDO–Knowing ANd DOing. Know what it takes and do what it takes!

For over a decade

We have been working to design a system using

information and communications technologies to bring people together in more effective ways to scale.

It is not just about “bringing people together” because that happens all the time in many ways, but we are focusing on the right scale, in space and time, building a system that enables people to collaborate better AND TAKE ACTION in their own ways and for their own pro-social interests.  The  following sentence may be the best way to describe what we are doing with Root Causes.

We think that Root Causes can encourage you and others to be involved with doing things to scale, because when you work on something deeper, you are also creating a greater impact, and that is what Root Causes do.

In the coming weeks and months we will  be adding (much) more information on this website and others, and we invite you to engage with us.

How Root Causes Make Life Better for Everyone

Start the Coversation

How we help

Focus on Root Causes

We focus on just a few root causes that aim to get large numbers of people involved in ways that last, using both offline strategies and online technologies.


Cooperative Viable Systems Organization

We encourage the projects we support to  adopt cooperative models of organization based on the viable systems model, which we consider superior  to alternative ways of organizing human activities.

100% Mobilization

100% of donations are used to advance the root cause you support.  We encourage strong volunteer support without anyone being compensated because that reduces motivation and often corrupts a cause.

Knowledge-Based Action

The knowledge to make your life much better is available, but it is fragmented and most of it is not applied.  We aim to change that situation as quickly as possible and know that government organizations can only deliver little of what is needed, and usually move too slowly.

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