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Organic Food Project–Farm Cooperatives Model

Donation Goal For This Project is $650,000
39% Donated/$395,000 To Go
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The Organic Farming Cooperative Project is dedicated to involving more people in growing organic foods locally and thereby also improve knowledge and access.



We have launched this crowdfunding campaign to help raise the cash needed to complete the purchase of a farm property immediately, and also to establish at least two additional farms as soon as possible. We are asking that everyone living in the Greater Toronto Area help by spreading the word and increasing exposure for our important project.  We start accepting donations on September 18, 2017.

Project Goals

This project was founded to:
  • Bring healthier, pesticide-free organic food to more families the the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Reduce the cost of organic food.
  • Get more people in involved with farming and gardening.
  • End the GMO (genetically modified organisms) monopoly.
  • Help people "take back their land".
  • Be a teaching model to form more member-owned organic farm cooperatives in the GTA and elsewhere.
Our project can do much to help expand food options for everybody.  One of the main reasons that organic food is so expensive at the retail level is because in our estimation the demand for such food is at least twice as great as the supply.  Of course that also means that many of the people who need access to better food cannot afford it. More organic farms in the region will help decrease prices of healthy foods.  For example, we know from present experience that we can grow and distribute organic food for less than ½ the price at grocery stores on most items and still turn enough profit for ongoing capital needs.

Why We Need Your Support

  We have an accepted offer to purchase a 96-acre certified-organic property in the Norfolk area.
Although we have arranged for most of the needed financing to purchase the property, at least an additional $60-110,000 is needed.  To make sure that we can close the purchase, we are asking for donations and help with spreading the word about this Root Cause project!

At this time nearly 50 persons have purchased, or committed to purchase, about 70 ownership units in the property, including a large house and other buildings.  Only a total  of 100 are available for purchase at $5,000 per ownership unit, which is an excellent value (do the math:  ~1% of $900,000 property for $5K).  To be clear, at this time about 30 or so ownership units are available.

Funding Objectives

We have launched this campaign to reach remaining owner-members, but also to  raise funds for operating capital and possibly to start groups to acquire two more farm properties in the  NW-GTA and NE-GTA.
Our minimum funding objective is to raise $650,000, at $500,000 from ~100 ownership units plus $150,000 from membership orders or donations.  Our extended funding objective ($850,000)is to raise an additional $200,000 as a reserve and allocate a minimum of $50,000 each to initiate two additional groups to start the process of identifying and acquiring at least two additional properties that will increase the Co-Op organization's coverage.

Our Co-Op's Strategy and Plan

The project's strategy is to get people involved and participating by having a stake in the Cooperative's activities and results:
This project is incorporated as a non-profit Co-operative as Organic Farm Co-operative Inc. in accordance with Ontario's co-operative law.  An Organizing Board of Directors has been working to be ready to start operations as soon as the purchase is closed.  Organizing committees including Membership, Communications, Finance, Growing and Garden Operations, Buildings and Machinery, and Animal Husbandry are being set up.
At this time there are already more than 200 Co-Op members.
While farm operations are moving forward, the Co-op plans to make organic meats and milk available almost immediately.   The  Membership and Communications Committee is responsible to implement outreach programs including education and training activities to support members in: (1) learning about organic farming and gardening practices, (2) farming and grow their own organic foods, and/or (3) purchase organic produce at more affordable prices.
We are also looking into a program that will make affordable garden plot leases available to people who want to grow their own foods while also participating in the Cooperative.  This is a fun alternative for families who want their children to learn more about food and organic farming.
Members will be able to contribute "sweat equity" for produce, meaning that if you can spare some time to help out with maintenance of the farm, garden plots and animals you will receive food in return.

We Will Copy, Innovate and Invent Success

We will not re-invent any wheels. There are many examples of successful organic farms as well as organic gardening. We will study what others have done and apply their methods and practices, and then improve and apply to our local soil and climate conditions.
We will meticously document every aspect of the Project's methods, practices and results so that others can benefit from our trail blazing experiences. This type of activity with complete documentation has never been done in Ontario, Canada due to the climate. Our success will pave the way for others in the same climate zone both in Canada and Northern USA and possibly other parts of the world.

Appreciating Your Contributions

We know that there are many ways to contribute and that everybody's time and resources are limited. That's why we have worked hard to show our appreciation of your generosity in real and practical ways.  To honor your contributions we have set up the following recognition levels:
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$10 "Seeder" --  Thank you for being a seeder of the Organic Farming Cooperative Project. Receive "Indoor Gardening" ebook.
$20 "Contributor"  --  Receive copies of "Indoor Gardening and "Organic Gardening for Beginners" ebooks.
$50 "Nurturer"  --  Receive the "Best Sprout Grower".
$100 "Grower"  --  Voucher for $100 of our organic food priced at 50% of comparable grocery prices.
For those of you who want to participate at the $500-$1000 levels or want to be land owners, please contact the GTA-OFC project coordinator, Royce Hamer at 877-899-1413.
$500 "Steward"  --  Voucher for $500 of our organic food priced at ~50% of comparable grocery prices PLUS Dinner at our farm "special event" tickets for two PLUS special Steward Certificate.
$1,000 "Pathfinder" --  Receive leasing rights to a 1000 sq. ft garden plot for three years PLUS special Pathfinder Certificate.
$5,000 "Land-Owner" (currently about 20 units available.)  --  Full Coop Project Land Owner Member, including land ownership registration.